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What is The Job Auction?

The Job Auction is the world's fastest growing careers platform.
It is a job board as well as an auction platform for jobs and skills

For whom is The Job Auction?

For job seekers, employers, freelancers or anyone who has a job they need doing or a skill they want to offer.

What does The Job Auction offer?

There are three types of listings we offer.
Jobs are for anyone who is looking for staff or looking for employment.
One-off jobs and tasks for freelancers at a fixed price/rate. You can either post a task for something you need doing or something you offer.
An auction for a job or skill. This will enable you to bid on your rate/payment/salary. You can create an auction for any type of job or skill. If you have something you need doing create a Job Auction. If you have a skill or are good at something create a Skill Auction.
1 - Work Requirement
You have a piece of work (or several) that you would like someone to do for you.


You have a Skill (something you can do)

2 - List an Auction
List a Job Auction.

This will create an 'online auction' for your piece of work or your skill.
People will submit bids and outbid each other ensuring you get the best possible price or rate.

3 - Manage Bids
Wait for people to bid on your auction.

You will see the price drop for your Job Auction making sure you get the best price possible.

4 - Success
Contact the auction winner and finalise the details/deal with them.

This can be done easily through the internal messaging system.

The Job Auction
1 - One-Off Work
You are looking for someone who can do a one off piece of work for you or you want to offer your own skills as a one off.

Whatever you need doing or you can do, list it on The Job Auction.
2 - List a Task
List a new Task.

Your task can be one of the following:

Something you want someone to do for you.
Something you can do.

Simply set your price and wait for offers to come in.

3 - Manage Offers
Receive and manage offers comfortably from your Dashboard ()

4 - Success
Once you are happy with an offer (or several), simply get in contact with the person who made the offer and arrange work and pay.

This can be done easily and hassle-free through the internal messaging system.

The Job Auction
1 - Staffing Requirement
You are looking to recruit new staff for a permanent or temporary role.

2 - List a Job
List a new Classic or Instajob™.

By advertising on The Job Auction you will be able to put your role in front of millions of job seekers.
All you ads will also be distributed to all our partner networks.

3 - Manage Applications
Receive and manage all incoming applications comfortably from your Dashboard ()

4 - Success
Contact potential candidates and invite them for an interview.

This can be done easily and hassle-free through the internal messaging system.

The Job Auction


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