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Google Chrome (Recommended)

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Browse fast.

One fast, simple, and secure browser for all your devices.
Mozilla Firefox

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Break up with Google.

Use a web browser you have more control over, and which has more plug-ins that you can use for privacy, such as Firefox.

Upgrade to Opera
Fast, secure, easy-to-use browser.

Try the Opera browser - now with a built-in ad blocker, battery saver and free VPN.

Upgrade to Vivaldi
It's your web. Surf it the way you want.

You spend a lot of time on the web. You deserve a browser that is personal, has the functionality you need and the flexibility you crave. You deserve Vivaldi so we made it for you. Enjoy!
Microsoft Edge (Available for Windows 10)

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Designed to help you focus on what matters.

The faster, safer browser designed for Windows 10.
Apple Safari (Available for macOS and iOS)

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Longer battery life and faster performance.

With an incredibly fast JavaScript engine and energy-saving technologies, Safari is a faster, more enjoyable way to explore the web.
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