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How The Job Auction Works

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Looking for a new Job?
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If you are looking for a new job or a temporary role, search and find it on The Job Auction.

0 jobs from 0 companies in 70 countries.
Once you have found your dream job, apply and upload your cover letter and CV.
Recruiting New Staff?
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Post your open job roles on The Job Auction and find new talent today.

All your ads will also be distributed to our 24 partner networks.
Manage Applications
Manage incoming application easily in your dashboard.

Find an analysis of the applicants cover letter provided through our in-built AI.

This will help you to quickly determine whether the candidate is suitable for your role.

Recruitment powered by AI
Finalise Applications & Interview

Arrange an interview through our in-built messaging solution and find the perfect match.


Job Done


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Advertise Your Business
Advertise yourself (sole trader/freelancer) or your business and extend your company reach.
Package your services, make offers, accept offers and let others book with you. Too easy.
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Post a Job for Free
You can post a job ad for free. Create an account, list your job and hey presto!
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Business Hub
Search for a business Find the trade/service of your choice... Looking for an online service or maybe a tradesperson? Find all that you need by searching our Business Hub right now!