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How The Job Auction Works

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Looking for a Service Provider?
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We can help you find whatever service you need. Whether it is someone to fit a new kitchen in your house or someone to create a website for your business.
The Job Auction is the place to find it.

You can also turn your project into a Job Auction which will enable traders and service providers to bid on the price, making sure you receive the best possible quote.
List and Manage Offers
List your requirements and wait for Service Providers and Traders to send you offers and quotes.
Are you a Service Provider?
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Offer your Services or your Trade on The Job Auction. Whether you provide marketing strategies to businesses or fit tyres at a reasonable price, list on The Job Auction
List your Trade or Service
Simply list what you can do and wait for people to book your trade or service.
Finalise and carry out the work

Finalise the deal using our in-built messaging system, carry out the work and arrange payment.


Job Done


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Advertise Your Business
Advertise yourself (sole trader/freelancer) or your business and extend your company reach.
Package your services, make offers, accept offers and let others book with you. Too easy.
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Post a Job for Free
You can post a job ad for free. Create an account, list your job and hey presto!
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Business Hub
Search for a business Find the trade/service of your choice... Looking for an online service or maybe a tradesperson? Find all that you need by searching our Business Hub right now!