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iOS Backend Developer 

charlenec  |  Ireland  |  

IrelandCounty Dublin, Ireland
Information Technology/Programming Mobile
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Full Time
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19 October 2019 10:01


Gaming Project – iOS Backend Developer

We are a sophisticated Adtech (advertising technology) company who has entered a high growth stage in our journey as we have secured various major global contracts and thus are expanding our team. These are certainly exciting times.

There are many streams to our advertising channels, introducing our new gaming project Minipix!

Minipix! Was a project that spans from the usual casual puzzle game to the basic RPG game.  The goal is to create a product that hasn’t been seen in the mobile gaming market and design a fresh, new experience for its users.

The basic concept of the game is to fight different enemies, by interacting with an ever-changing grid full of shiny and coloured elements.  Moreover, players will be able to collect cute and unique characters, called Fairies, differentiated by their type and rarity, and use their help in fight if they want to, by activating their special abilities.

True to our startup culture, we are quite entrepreneurial and fast paced, there are never two days the same! Our autonomous working environment encourages our team to be independent, entrepreneurial and creative while working closely with each's the perfect intersection for producing amazing results.

We are looking for ambitious, energetic graduates/students to join our team either via an internship or our graduate programme, who are eager and hungry to learn. We have successfully helped entry level employees previously to become something they never thought was achievable. For example, our sister company promoted a CEO at 20yrs of age. This doesn't come easily though, you must be willing to stretch yourself and go beyond the norm. If you have the entrepreneurial spirit and understand the opportunity we can provide you, please get in touch.

That's not all, we are located in the fabulous offices of Talent Garden Dublin. Talent Garden is a coworking space, based in Glasnevin, Dublin and located across another 24 x cities throughout another 7 x countries. We are deeply involved in the startup ecosystem in Dublin and abroad, with various events, hackathons and international networking taking place every week.


Strong experience in writing tons of optimized swift code lines for the apps backend
Asynchronous API calls (JSONEncoder)
Working with over 10k+ code repo