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Cloud DevOps Engineer 

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Cloud DevOps Engineer

Homesite Insurance was founded in 1997 and was one of the first companies to enable customers to purchase home insurance directly online, during a single visit. Since then, we've continued to innovate rapidly to meet the needs of our customers and their changing expectations.

One thing that's stayed the same since our founding: our commitment to our customers, partners and employees.

Join us on our journey as we continue to grow into a powerful contender in the field of insurance.


Compensation Minimum:$77,000

Compensation Maximum:$152,000

Homesite Insurance is looking to hire a Cloud DevOps Engineer who has rich experience in cloud technologies in varied environments. Our Cloud DevOps Engineer will focus on designing and developing automation to support continuous integration and delivery processes. Responsibilities include maintaining and enhancing internal tooling to enhance our CI/CD pipeline and full system lifecycle. This position requires a high focus on automation, building repeatable solutions working within and between development and operation teams to identify and implement process improvements for the benefit of customer-facing services.

If you are passionate about everything cloud, believe deeply in automating solutions, and enjoy contributing to best of breed technologies, you may have found a great home with HomeSite. The position is ideal for a self-starter and quick learner with a love of infrastructure and automation who enjoys collaborative work on leading edge technologies.


The Cloud DevOps teamcombines software and systems engineering to ensure the efficient and effective operation of Homesite Insurances hybrid cloud platform. The Cloud DevOps team highly values infrastructure as code. Webuild practical tools that orchestrate infrastructure deployments, systems and application configuration management and delivery of software as well as automating manual and repetitive tasks.

The Cloud DevOps team services the business needs and achieves business objectives with a fast rate of innovation and improvement while keeping an ever-watchful eye on security, availability and performance. As a Cloud DevOps team member you will champion security, architectural and operational best practices throughout the development and cloud infrastructure lifecycle.

The reliability and efficiency of the Homesite's hybrid infrastructure is paramount. In conjunction with teams from across the business, we provide the support for Homesite's platform by ensuring the highest level of availability for all critical business services.Ultimately, our focus isoptimizing, building and securing platform applications and the underlying infrastructure as well as eliminating work through automation.

If you are passionate about everything cloud, believe deeply in automating solutions, and enjoy contributing to best of breed technologies, you may have found a great home with Homesite. The position is ideal for a self-starter and quick learner with a love of infrastructure and automation that enjoys collaborative work on leading edge technologies.


* Core responsibilities are both the technical and strategic aspects of infrastructure as code, automation, governance, storage, backups, change management, cost optimization, software delivery, security, resource orchestration, configuration management, monitoring, business continuity, disaster recovery and emergency response

* Enhance delivery and orchestration of cloud and platform services through code

* Implement, operate and optimize CI/CD pipelines for effective delivery of cloud resources and software

* Analysis and resolution of performance and availability issues affecting Homesite's customers and internal stakeholders

* Systems engineering and/or automation activities to solve complex problems associated with running large scale, multi-tenant, production environments

* Build, migrate, operateand improve Homesite's cloud infrastructuressecurity posture and operational capabilities

* Lead the way to an automated, reliable, secure, scalable and cost-effective cloud

* Implementation of proactive monitoring, alerting, trend analysis and self-healing systems

* Participate in incident resolution processes driving restoration and repair of service-impacting issues

* Solve problems relating to mission critical services and build automation to prevent problem recurrence; with the goal of automating response to all non-exceptional service conditions

* Support services before they go live through activities such as system design consulting, developing automation tools and frameworks, capacity planning as well as operational and security reviews prior to launch

* Identify and drive opportunities to improve operational workflows


* Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent

* 1+ years experience with AWS or other cloud computing platforms

* 2+ years of experience as a Site-Reliability/DevOps/Systems Engineer administration role of customer-facing, high-availability, large scale web-based applications

* 3+ years of Linux/Unix administration

* 1+ years of Python, Ruby, Java, Bash or similar languages

* 1+ years of CI/CD experience in a customer facing, production environment


* Prior successful experience as a Systems, DevOps or Site Reliability Engineer

* Eats, sleeps and breaths all things cloud and AWS

* Mastery of Linux

* Windows experience is a plus

* Experience with container orchestration (Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Mesosphere, AWS ECS/EKS)

* Experience with Serverlessarchitecture design,implementation anddeployment

* Proficient in Python, Ruby, Java, Bash or similar languages

* Administrative experience installing, configuring, troubleshooting, monitoring, maintaining Linux infrastructure

* Experience with CI/CD tools (Jenkins, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, Bamboo)

* Experience with the Atlassian Tools (Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket)

* Experience writing SQL and NoSQL procedures

* Experience analyzing logs using tools, such as Splunk or ELK (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana)

* Prior experience working in an Agile environment

* Demonstratedexperiencewith Cloud and DevOps best practices

* Experience with Orchestration toolssuchas Terraform or Cloudformation

* Experience leveraging Configuration Management Tools, such as Ansible, Puppet or Chef etc.

* Experience with instrumenting and monitoring production systemsutilizing monitoring tools, such as Datadog, NewRelic, Collectd, Grafana etc.

* Networking: knowledge and understanding of network concepts and technology such as TCP/IP, UDP, MAC addresses, IP packets, DNS, OSI layers, ACLs, routing tables, VPN and load balancing.

* Desire to work in a fast paced and dynamic environment

* A passion for operational excellence

* Certifications: AWS SysOps Associate, AWS Solutions Architect Associate, AWS DevOps Professional

When you work at Homesite you can expect benefits that support your physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing. You will have access to comprehensive medical, dental, vision and wellbeing benefits that enable you to take care of your health. We also offer a competitive 401(k) contribution, a pension plan, an annual incentive, and a paid-time off program. In addition, our student loan repayment program and paid-family leave are available to support our employees and their families. Interns at Homesite are eligible for the paid time off program. Contingent workers are not eligible for American Family Enterprise benefits.

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