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Research Associate, Biodesign 

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Research Associate, Biodesign

Our mission at Precision Neuroscience is to develop and commercialize brain-computer interfaces. Founded by one of the co-founders of Neuralink and backed by venture capital, our company is pursuing minimally invasive approaches to BCI to address major unmet clinical needs. We are well-capitalized and have an IP portfolio that has been built over nearly 10 years. We plan to address previously intractable medical conditions such as refractory epilepsy, blindness, paralysis, cognitive impairment, and impulse-control disorders.

Brain-computer interfaces represent a new frontier in medicine and computing. We seek to establish Precision Neuroscience as one of the leading companies in this space globally. Our core objective is to deliver life-changing technology to millions of patients worldwide, and in doing so to transform the ways we interact with machines, one another, and our world.

We are seeking a Research Associate, Biodesign to drive our needs assessment activity. This is a rare opportunity to play a key role in improving patients’ lives by integrating cutting edge science with an empathic and creative approach.

In this role you will be our point person for the internal needs assessment process. You will be the face of our company, communicating with the various stakeholders involved in the patient journey. You will receive guidance and advice from our executives as well as external advisors who are experts in the Biodesign process.

This position can be based in our Mountain View or NYC office. You must be physically present in the United States to apply.

For more detail on our work, see our preprint here:

You will:

Follow the key principles of the Biodesign process as you work to identify the unmet needs of patients who have neurological illnesses.

Collaborate with our executive, product management and clinical teams as well as with our external advisors to complete comprehensive needs assessment tasks.

Gather and validate patient needs through rigorous clinical immersion, literature review, stakeholder analysis, market assessment and competitive analysis. This will include frequent face to face interviews with patients, patient’s families, medical experts and other stakeholders.

Use the outputs of your needs assessment work to contribute to important concept generation and refinement and strategic development and planning activities.

Regularly present to the company on the results of your work.

Work with the rest of our team to publish on our findings.


Bachelor’s Degree with advanced study in clinical and/or basic sciences.

2+ years’ work experience in life sciences/technology, ideally including neuroscience. A passion for advancing medical technology in the service of patient needs.

Fully vaccinated for COVID-19 (as you will regularly visit hospitals and other health care institutions).

You must be comfortable with interacting with people at all levels, including executives and medical experts.

Experienced in providing polished presentations to small groups.

Driven and detail-oriented.

Proven expertise with working towards ambitious targets. Driven to exceed expectations.