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Marketing Officer 

hralex  |  Nigeria  |  

NigeriaLagos, Nigeria
Salary range:
₦100,000.00 - ₦150,000.00 per Month
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Work Type:
Work Time:
Full Time
Job End: 

22 November 2019 22:24


We are urgently looking for a Marketing officer to be responsible to oversee the marketing department and provide direction and feedback on major projects.

Duties and Responsibilities
- Acts as the highest-ranking employee in the marketing department

- Make key decisions regarding systems distribution, budgeting, branding, and sales.

- Assists in the interviewing, hiring, and training of key marketing staff members, including marketing managers and consultants

- Research and analyses market trends, competitor offerings, demographics, and other information that affects marketing strategies

- Uses research findings and analysis to provide direction to marketing managers regarding upcoming marketing projects, new products or services, and overall strategy

- Identifies areas for improvement in product offerings, sales tactics, marketing strategy, and promotional activities

- Maintains the department's budget and ensures all marketing activities are cost-effective

- Work with other company officers to set the overall direction and objectives for product and service offerings.


Job Qualifications/Skills
- Degree in Marketing, Business, or a Related Field.

- Extensive Marketing Experience, Understanding of Business Practices, Budgeting, Financial Knowledge.

- Good computer Proficiency,  Interpersonal Communication, Client Relationships, Writing, Public Speaking, Creativity, Innovation, Adaptability, Leadership, Managerial Skills, Multi-Tasking, Big-Picture Thinking.

Method of Application
Candidates must be resident in Lagos

Candidates must be between the age 21-35 years

Application deadline 14th October. 2019


NOTE: Only qualified candidates will be contacted