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Clean Room Packaging 

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United StatesGarth Ln, VA, 22901
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Full Time


We are hiring for a Clean Room Packer.

The ideal candidate will be comfortable doing repetitive work, has great attention to detail and is comfortable working in a clean room environment.

This is a first shift position The pay rate is $13-$15/hr.

depending on the experience.

6.2 Clothing 6.2.1 Clothing is expected to meet reasonable standards (in the judgment of supervisory personnel) of cleanliness, repair and appropriateness.

6.2.2 No clothing made of shedding material (wool, angora or fuzzy material) may be worn.

6.2.3 Flat shoes should be worn under shoe covers.

6.3 Cosmetics 6.3.1 Cosmetics, greasy lotions and nail polish should not be worn by Controlled Clean Area workers due to the contaminating nature of these substances.

6.4 Paraphernalia 6.4.1 Lead pencils and erasers are not permitted in the Clean Areas.

6.4.2 No food, drink, tobacco, tissues or handkerchiefs are permitted in the Controlled Clean Areas (this includes gum, candy, etc.) 6.4.3 No books, magazines, boxes, cardboard or other non-clean area paper products are permitted other than essential documents.

6.4.4 No personal items.

Valuables may be kept in pockets providing they are not taken out in the Clean Areas.

Cell phones may not be brought into the clean room by personnel assembling, handling or packaging product.

6.4.5 Jewelry shall not be worn outside of gowns or head coverings.

No watches may be worn.

No rings with stones or protrusions may be worn, only flat bands.