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Production Technician 

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United KingdomUnnamed Road, Bedford, MK45 2AB
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Full Time


Did you know that it takes 104 litres of water to power your shower for 8 minutes? And around 50 litres of water to run your washing machine for an hour? When you think about it, you rely on your water supply every single day.

Brushing your teeth, washing your hands, brewing your morning cup of tea – turn on the tap and away you go.

It’s an expectation you’ve come to know that whenever you need it, water will be – quite literally – on tap.

But what would happen if you didn’t have running water? That’s where you come in.

Because having no water is not an option for you.

As a Production Technician with Affinity Water, you’ll understand the importance of the role you play in maintaining and delivering clean drinking water to your communities.

You’ll recognise the value of the work you do and you’ll take pride in being on the front line of water quality and delivery, ensuring that customers receive the very best when they turn on their tap.

So whether it’s the water that keeps the shower running, or that makes the morning tea round, you’ll be a vital part of the journey from source to tap.

What can I expect? Not only will you appreciate the responsibility that comes with being a Production Technician; you’ll love the independence and autonomy of conducting a maintenance routine schedule.

Day to day, you’ll be out and about completing electrical, mechanical and instrumental maintenance and repairs at Water Treatment Works, pumping stations and storage sites.

You’ll have the motivation and discipline to carry out the bulk of your work independently, but also get a buzz from working collaboratively with your team to manage various treatment sites.

As you’ll work primarily with electrical and mechanical equipment, you’ll be a qualified Electrician who’s used to identifying and fixing faults.

Travelling from place to place couldn’t be easier as you’ll be given a company van to drive to/from sites according to your schedule.

As the service you’ll provide is essential to the customer, you’ll be comfortable participating in a 1 in 5 standby rota to ensure someone’s always on call if there’s an operational issue.

It’s all part of your outstanding service.

What’s in it for you? The work you’ll do is essential for Affinity Water to deliver clean, safe drinking water to our 3.6 million customers every day.

In return, you’ll be entitled to a host of benefits including a double-matching pension scheme, on-the-job training and a holiday allowance that increases with length of service.

So the longer you stay, the more you gain.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Get involved in the story behind your water and be part of our vision to be the leading community-focused water company.

Apply now and follow the quick and easy application questions to submit your interest.

Everyone will get a response.