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Worked in the Middle East for over 21 years with clients of international repute. Project experience include E&I / MEP construction quality management of Refinery / Institutional / Petrochemical / Commercial / Industrial projects which were built to high specifications.
Throughout my learning curve I have only two employers on my CV i.e. Kentz SNC Lavalin Group (over 9 years) and Mercury Engineering (over 12 years) which demonstrates that I don't jump from company to company very frequently. Be it a smooth running environment or hardnosed client situations, I have been a team player from the project execution till start up.
As a QA/QC Manager my approach is to help and understand people with their job needs, I have ability to help and motivate people, I have a positive & proactive approach to all concerns, participate at all levels, never ignore an issue however small it seems. I treat Safety, QA/QC and Documentation as paramount. Keeping the team and my superiors up-dated on all aspects in order to have the job done efficiently.